Samstag, 4. April 2015

A Trip to Prague

Hey there! 

I came home yesterday from a 3-day trip to Prague with my friend Mira-Belle. It was a pretty spontaneous decision to go to the Czech Republic but I had a really good time! 

Our bus (we travelled with meinfernbus) was so luxurious with a little TV on every seat. We watched "Up", "i-robot", "Avatar", "Surf's up" and "Step up 2 the Streets" during two 10-hour-rides.

The day after we arrived, we went up the hill to see the castle and the cathedral. It was really impressive and on our way back, it started to snow - like really bad. The weather was crazy anyway, we had sun, rain, snow, hail...just everything. We saw a lot more that day like the city center, the astronomical clock, and some shops, but I don't take a lot of pictures, cause I think you should see through your eyes - not your camera. I saved all those impressions in my mind ;)

I took a few polaroids too. The guy on the left is Tommy, our host. We travelled with couchsurfing which I can only recommend to anyone! He and his roommate are from Britain and were so kind to let us stay all three days. 

We dined at this place called "Javánka and co." which was just up the road twice. They have some really tasty vegan and vegetarian options. I chose this delicious coconut curry soup with glass noodles, rice, tofu and veggies. The prices are more than reasonable - 98 Kc (a little less than 4€) for this dish.

It is actually not as hard to find vegan food in Prague as I thought. However, those fried potato things you can buy at markets are not worth the money.

On our second day we were just walking around the city, shopping at second hand shops when we stumbled upon this kaleidoscope place with a little theater and a mirror maze. There were only about 16 seats there and a little screen, but it looked like an arena with this massive ball in the middle showing amazing pictures and patterns.

On our last night we went to this pub to meet up with other couchsurfers. And we met so many interesting and nice people from all over the world. And yes - this beer is green. I still don't know what this woman behind the bar put in there, but she was just smiling saying "It's normal." So, we just went with it. All of a sudden, there was a cougar in the pub which all people thought was great, but they aren't supposed to be pets, so I wasn't so stoked about it. After the last call we then went to this club called "James Dean" and let me tell you: Czech people know how to party! It was a fun night and after a couple hours of sleep we were on our way home again.

Thank you Prague, Tommy and Mira-Belle for those amazing three days!

xx Nina

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Weird Retro Hairstyle: Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, I watched a (German) movie with my dad called Bang Boom Bang. It's from the late 90s and a girl in there had a hairstyle like this. My first reaction was: "Oh my god, look at her hair, it's ridiculous!" But then, I was like: "Mh...I like retro everything. So it's cool I guess. Maybe I can pull off this hairstyle..." So I tried it out. Any thoughts?

xx Nina

My piercing -.-

OOTD: Retro Girl

sweater thrifted / dress asos / sneakers converse / backpack nasty gal / sunnies quay

Hey there!
I believe I'm probably the worst "blogger" of all time. I also have a theory why: I want to do simply anything! I wanna sing and write, blog and instagram, play theater, be part of our yearbook group, go to concerts, festivals and travel, and binge watch shows on Netflix. I admire people who have one passion, one thing they pursue and put all their energy into. I can't do this. I'm still undecided what I want, but I think it's okay.

xx Nina

P.S.: Do you have a Nintendo DS? I just rediscovered my love towards Mario and co. and got addicted. ^^

See how happy I am? ;)

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Catching Up

Actually, I wanted to do something like "my week in pictures", but then I realized...I don't really take pictures that much.

Starting with "Karneval" (similar to Halloween in the States, but we party for almost a week and beg people to throw candy at us at parades instead of scaring them), I dressed up as "Mia Wallace" aka Uma Therman from Pulp Fiction most days, and one time as an Indian.

Last Thursday, I went to a "The Kooks" concert - if you don't already love them, check them out!

A week before that, I was at a film shooting as an extra. That was a fun experience though it was a little cold. It's also a good way to make some money without, you know, actual hard work.

For about two months, I'm working on my Geography term paper a lot, and it just seems like I'm not getting anywhere... Every German student probably knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm sorry I don't post any outfits lately, but I try to buy as less clothes as possible right now, at least "new" ones (secondhand is fine) because of ecological reasons. Okay, let's be honest, I wanna save money too (vacation, concerts, a new bike, a closet, etc.).

See ya later!

xx Nina

Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

My Music

I have a confession to make: I uploaded a few songs on soundcloud this week. You might think: What's the big deal? - For me, my songs are something private, writing songs is like a writing in a diary for me.    I am also very self-critical and normally, I delete every song I record. But not this time ;)

I am determined to make music, to go out there. I know I don't have the most beautiful or the most special voice or the best guitar skills, but I think I am creative and kind of know how to express my feelings and stuff like that. I just have to be a little more confident. I have played at like family events and birthdays of friends, but I only covered songs by Paramore, Pink, etc. I wanna to my own thing. And even if this only remains a hobby forever, I at least would like to say that I've tried.

Here is the link to my soundcloud profile:

Please tell me what you think, I'd be happy for any feedback/ constructive criticism.

xx Nina

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Sandy Nails

Yesterday I bought a new essie polish - I think these are the best (next to OPI). The colors name is "sand tropez" and in my opinion this is the perfect nude shade for my nails. I have six essie nail polishes now, maybe when I reach the 10, I'm gonna post an essie collection?
Tomorrow's friday, so hang in there guys!

xx Nina

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Random Drugstore Haul

Today I went to "Rossmann", a German drugstore chain to get some things I needed. Like always, I picked up some other stuff that I also really "needed".

The things I did need: conditioner, floss, a new shaver, and gum (whether or not you consider gum as necessary)

The "other stuff": lots of baby food (but only the fruity ones, love them!), cough drops, a make up storage container, a couple of hair clips (I want to put parts of my hair up when I iron them like all cool youtubers do), and a Maybelline top coat.

I don't know if this post is even a little bit interesting,'s up now.

xx Nina

this was only 3.50€ guys, go get it - so useful