Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

My Music

I have a confession to make: I uploaded a few songs on soundcloud this week. You might think: What's the big deal? - For me, my songs are something private, writing songs is like a writing in a diary for me.    I am also very self-critical and normally, I delete every song I record. But not this time ;)

I am determined to make music, to go out there. I know I don't have the most beautiful or the most special voice or the best guitar skills, but I think I am creative and kind of know how to express my feelings and stuff like that. I just have to be a little more confident. I have played at like family events and birthdays of friends, but I only covered songs by Paramore, Pink, etc. I wanna to my own thing. And even if this only remains a hobby forever, I at least would like to say that I've tried.

Here is the link to my soundcloud profile:

Please tell me what you think, I'd be happy for any feedback/ constructive criticism.

xx Nina

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