Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Catching Up

Actually, I wanted to do something like "my week in pictures", but then I realized...I don't really take pictures that much.

Starting with "Karneval" (similar to Halloween in the States, but we party for almost a week and beg people to throw candy at us at parades instead of scaring them), I dressed up as "Mia Wallace" aka Uma Therman from Pulp Fiction most days, and one time as an Indian.

Last Thursday, I went to a "The Kooks" concert - if you don't already love them, check them out!

A week before that, I was at a film shooting as an extra. That was a fun experience though it was a little cold. It's also a good way to make some money without, you know, actual hard work.

For about two months, I'm working on my Geography term paper a lot, and it just seems like I'm not getting anywhere... Every German student probably knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm sorry I don't post any outfits lately, but I try to buy as less clothes as possible right now, at least "new" ones (secondhand is fine) because of ecological reasons. Okay, let's be honest, I wanna save money too (vacation, concerts, a new bike, a closet, etc.).

See ya later!

xx Nina

Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

My Music

I have a confession to make: I uploaded a few songs on soundcloud this week. You might think: What's the big deal? - For me, my songs are something private, writing songs is like a writing in a diary for me.    I am also very self-critical and normally, I delete every song I record. But not this time ;)

I am determined to make music, to go out there. I know I don't have the most beautiful or the most special voice or the best guitar skills, but I think I am creative and kind of know how to express my feelings and stuff like that. I just have to be a little more confident. I have played at like family events and birthdays of friends, but I only covered songs by Paramore, Pink, etc. I wanna to my own thing. And even if this only remains a hobby forever, I at least would like to say that I've tried.

Here is the link to my soundcloud profile:

Please tell me what you think, I'd be happy for any feedback/ constructive criticism.

xx Nina

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Sandy Nails

Yesterday I bought a new essie polish - I think these are the best (next to OPI). The colors name is "sand tropez" and in my opinion this is the perfect nude shade for my nails. I have six essie nail polishes now, maybe when I reach the 10, I'm gonna post an essie collection?
Tomorrow's friday, so hang in there guys!

xx Nina

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Random Drugstore Haul

Today I went to "Rossmann", a German drugstore chain to get some things I needed. Like always, I picked up some other stuff that I also really "needed".

The things I did need: conditioner, floss, a new shaver, and gum (whether or not you consider gum as necessary)

The "other stuff": lots of baby food (but only the fruity ones, love them!), cough drops, a make up storage container, a couple of hair clips (I want to put parts of my hair up when I iron them like all cool youtubers do), and a Maybelline top coat.

I don't know if this post is even a little bit interesting,'s up now.

xx Nina

this was only 3.50€ guys, go get it - so useful

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

OOTD: Sporty Gal

varsity jacket h&m / tee forever21 / skirt forever21 / socks ebay / creepers the fabulous / beanie american needle 

rings h&m / urban outfitters

I can't believe January is already over, it's a 12th of the year, so basically we should start christmas shopping again, everything is going by so fast! It's been a long time since I posted an outfit, but here is one I wore on Friday to school. I'm really into knee high and thigh high socks - I know I'm a bit late...
I got this beanie off the urban outfitters sale for only 5€ instead of 30 (such a bargain) and it was the first new item I bought this year! Have a good week y'all!

xx Nina