Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

My Piercings

Today I wanted to show you my new piercings - a septum and a smiley. I went to a piercing studio during christmas vacation to finally have my septum done. My smiley was more or less a spontaneous's the background story: About 3 years ago, my cousin pierced my frenulum without my parents' permission. From this day, I wanted my smiley to be seen in school and to be hidden at home, so I changed the piercing every day. One time I forgot to switch to the labret, and my mom made me take it out. Anyway, after I got my septum I was psyched to get another piercing and just in case, I ordered a sterilized needle with my next Crazy Factory purchase. Two weeks ago, at around 11 pm, I decided to pierce my frenulum myself. So I did - sorry mom! I don't plan on keeping it for long though. I really like my smiley, but it is not good for your teeth and gums...But I'll enjoy the time until that point.

Yeah, that's that for now. It was important to me that you can't see the hole of the piercing afterwards, so these piercings are perfect if you feel the same as me. I also have a bunch of piercings at my ears, but those don't really count as "piercings" for me. What piercings do you have? I'd love to read about yours in the comments!

xx Nina

Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Daily Appreciation

This was supposed to be a Sunday post, but I forgot to upload here it is: 

Thursday night I walked home and I started to look around and to consciously appreciate everything I saw. It was pouring, but it wasn't a storm. Everything was quiet and peaceful. It was dark, but I wasn't afraid, there was nothing threatening about that night. Last month my geography teacher showed us a video in which a man taught us his secret of happiness. It consists of three steps: stop, look, go. 

So I looked - and listened. I heard the rain hitting the street, it dropped down the street lights. There was a distant sound of a plane and now and then a car driving by. I saw lights on the ground, reflected by the puddles which were all over the street and the sidewalk. Shadows of cars drove along the walls of the houses. There was a shop sign with the paint worn out on the edges. The shop was closed, everything was dark inside. But there was a warm light coming from several windows. I was thinking what the people inside were doing - watching TV, calling their parents, playing with their kids, working? I passed an open gate. Everything seemed familiar, it seemed save. The rain sounded like a rhythm, like a drum roll. I went by a bus station with one person waiting for the bus. I started thinking again: where was this person going? Going out, home, visiting friends, family? I saw a few last christmas lights before I entered the street where I live. Water dripping down a gutter. The light from the street lights was warm, not dazzlingly white, guiding me home. I was almost there when I grabbed my keys out of my bag. They felt cold, but as I turned them and entered, I arrived.

As soon as I heard this "Hi, how was your day?", my little journey was over and I returned to "normal". I think the man from the video was right. Sometimes you have to stop, take a break. Look, and appreciate everything you have and you can be thankful for. And go, take your positive mindset with you.

Since I don't have a diary, I thought I share these thoughts and experiences of mine with you.

xx Nina

Inspiration: Chunky Knits

It's January and what's a winter without knits, right? Here's some inspiration for the colder months....

found on pinterest and tumblr

Oh, and a happy new year! :)

xx Nina