Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Daily Appreciation

This was supposed to be a Sunday post, but I forgot to upload here it is: 

Thursday night I walked home and I started to look around and to consciously appreciate everything I saw. It was pouring, but it wasn't a storm. Everything was quiet and peaceful. It was dark, but I wasn't afraid, there was nothing threatening about that night. Last month my geography teacher showed us a video in which a man taught us his secret of happiness. It consists of three steps: stop, look, go. 

So I looked - and listened. I heard the rain hitting the street, it dropped down the street lights. There was a distant sound of a plane and now and then a car driving by. I saw lights on the ground, reflected by the puddles which were all over the street and the sidewalk. Shadows of cars drove along the walls of the houses. There was a shop sign with the paint worn out on the edges. The shop was closed, everything was dark inside. But there was a warm light coming from several windows. I was thinking what the people inside were doing - watching TV, calling their parents, playing with their kids, working? I passed an open gate. Everything seemed familiar, it seemed save. The rain sounded like a rhythm, like a drum roll. I went by a bus station with one person waiting for the bus. I started thinking again: where was this person going? Going out, home, visiting friends, family? I saw a few last christmas lights before I entered the street where I live. Water dripping down a gutter. The light from the street lights was warm, not dazzlingly white, guiding me home. I was almost there when I grabbed my keys out of my bag. They felt cold, but as I turned them and entered, I arrived.

As soon as I heard this "Hi, how was your day?", my little journey was over and I returned to "normal". I think the man from the video was right. Sometimes you have to stop, take a break. Look, and appreciate everything you have and you can be thankful for. And go, take your positive mindset with you.

Since I don't have a diary, I thought I share these thoughts and experiences of mine with you.

xx Nina

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