Freitag, 21. November 2014

Interior: My Record Shelf

This is what you always see in the background of my ootds... Because I get compliments from time to time for my record shelf, or for what is on it, I wanted to show you all the "stuff" in detail.

Alarm Clock:
I got this one from IKEA a while ago (I think it's still available), and I really like the retro    touch of it. I never use it to set my alarm though, I rather stick to my phone.

This beautiful, weird, spiky plant and its pot is also from IKEA. I'm not a flower type of person, so I need something I don't really have to care for. I also prefer the look of cactuses and plants like this one.

Polaroid Camera:
I looove taking pictures with this baby! It's always something special when this credit card size picture comes out, you shake it and slowly the picture gets visible and you realize that you look like crap. But even then, it still looks kinda cool, just because it is a polaroid. I got it myself for christmas last year when I still was in the US. It was a special offer for 50-something dollars. Now you can get it off amazon for $60 and for 70€ on the german website.

No explanation needed, I love candles with a slight scent and gotta replace it like every month.

These are just some picks I picked up (got it? :D) at the Hard Rock Café in New York. Always grabbing one of those if I'm in need.

This was the last flask in the urban outfitters sale with this design on it. It says "good vibes" which I love, and with the mountains in the background I really get this summery roadtrip feeling and makes me wanna go somewhere nice.

Louminous Ball:
Actually, there isn't anything to gives a nice glow.

Converse-like coin bank:
Yeah, now it gets really fancy...I put coins in it?

I like to read magazines and I liked this NYLON music issue I bought at the Newark airport this summer because it has interviews of great bands like The Kills and Haim (check them out if you don't know them!) in it.

It is November and my nose is gonna start its marathon soon I feel like. I found this pop art design box and thought it would deserve a spot on my shelf.

And this post got longer than I thought it would be. Anyway, hope you like this kind of information. If you want me to do a record collection related post - just tell me. Now, I gotta change into my work clothes and head off to work. See you soon!

xx Nina

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