Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

A Day Off School

cropped tee urban outfitters / denim BDG via urban outfitters
I had the Wednesday off - and not because I skipped school or pretended that I'd been sick (although that had happend a couple of times, I gotta admit). Anyway, here's what I did on that day:

Chilling around the house
that means lying in bed, watching TV, reading a book or a magazine, surfing the internet and putting all the stuff in my online cart I cannot afford and NOT buying it, watching YouTube videos, eating...

my bad habit is to enjoy the proximity of food when I'm home a little too much, so I'm constantly walking back and forth to the kitchen and back into my room...but that's just how it goes when you're home alone, right?
And I had this yumminess for breakfast:
cherry soy yogurt with organic chia raspberry granola and a pear 
Going outside
for me, it's important to go outside of my apartment, so that I don't forget that there is a life outside of my PJs and my bed. I gotta remind myself of the world out there, and we had really nice weather today (which cannot be taken for granted in October in Germany).

Riding my bike with my grandma
I love riding my bike, and I cannot imagine a single day when I don't use it. For me, it's the best way to get from one place to another. You get some fitness, fresh air, you do something for the environment, and you're mobile. We just had some errands to run and went to the city where I bought...

a white basic shirt for work and a pair of slightly acid washed jeans. Shopping when most of the people are working is kind of relaxing - at least to me. However, I sometimes wonder how many people don't have to work at like 1 pm.

I <3 ma bike

That's it for today again. Do you have a bike or do you use it at all? Do you have a scooter or a car or do you prefer public transportations? Leave me a comment if you like, I'd like to know!

xx Nina

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