Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

My Birthday Haul: Sexy Seventeen

On September 19, I turned 17. I didn't really plan to celebrate, because 17 is "nothing special" in comparison to sweet sixteen and elegant eighteen. Anyway, I invited some girlfriends over to have a sleepover with cocktails, gossip, and movies.
One thing I noticed when I looked at my little gift collection: the older you get, the more envelopes you get. Well, I don't wanna complain :D

He always gifts me events, so I was soooo happy when I unpacked the concert tickets of "Wallace Vanborn", an old school - alternative rock band from Belgium, we both like. Then, there's a ticket for the annual "Cologne Theater Night", which I heard a lot about but never attended. Aaaand like you can see, I got the Beatles - Sgt Pepper LP!

1. an envelope
2. dark chocolate (which I love!)
3. her self knitted socks (which I love even more, I can't imagine a winter without those socks, I have like seven pairs of them now)

"What do you want for your birthday?"
"Umm, I don't know I'd need new nail scissors."
- So I got a manicure set. And a candle that glows in different colors and smells heavenly. And an envelope (with old paper in it...again) :D

My sisters:
Guess what's from my 19-year-old and what's from my 10-year-old sister? Right, my older sister got me the John Green book "Looking for Alaska" that I desired for so long. This beautiful picture was a project of my younger sister and our 4-year-old neighbor...cute.

My friends:
Apparently, one gift hasn't arrived on time, but this is how it goes at times when we order almost everything online (same reason why we didn't have a cocktail shaker to mix our cocktails that day).

1. a "Breaking Bad" mug + key chain (love this show, will always love it, just...true love)
2. a voucher for my own personal horoscope (a friend of my friend's is a professional astrologist)
3. a ring and a pair of ear studs (oh, and flowers)

All in all, it was a really good birthday, certainly not just because of the gifts. I had a good time and got to see (almost) everyone of my family again. Now, my days til I become an adult are numbered!

When's your birthday and what gift were you the most happy about?

xx Nina

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