Montag, 22. September 2014

Vegan Box: September

The Vegan Box of September has finally arrived! For everyone who don't know the "Vegan Box", it is a monthly subscription box with items, mostly food related, that are 100% vegan and mostly organic. You can choose between the small (14.95€) and the large box (24.95€). If you chose the large box, there are further options like soy free, gluten free, just food, etc.

I chose the small box, and had some difficulties opening it at the beginning. :D

Opening the box, you find a list of all products that are in the box with descriptions, informations like "gluten free", "organic", and so on, and the price you would have paid for it in a store.

That's what the box looks like in the inside. I really like the packaging!

The content:
Allos pure pieces bar organic (2x 1.29€)
1x apricot-pistachio-fig + dark chocolate
1x almond-cranberry-cashew + dark chocolate
Hanf & Natur hemp oil peeling soap (1.99€) + two free samples
Naturata instant malt chocolino (2x 0.89€)
Jeezano parmesan (3.69€)
Famitra soy bolognese (3.98€)
Noiserarie Productions nougat creme (4.89€)
+ free sticker "sausage makes animals sad"

-> 14.90€ instead of 18.91€

I really recommend this box to everyone who eats/lives vegan or just wants to get to know new products. You can cancel the subscription monthly if you don't like it, but it's definitely worth a try!

For Germans:
For Americans: (I haven't tried the conscious box yet, but I heard only good things about it)

I'm gonna tell you about the next vegan boxes too, if you like such reviews. Which of the items are you the most curious about?

xx Nina

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